Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories

Despite my love of technology, you just can’t beat a pencil for writing. I have tried every stylus-like device in the last two decades, from Palm Pilots to Newtons to Motion Computing tablets to Wacom tablets to the Apple Pencil (which is the best of all of them.)

They still don’t beat the feel and ease of use of a good old-fashioned pencil. The sound it makes as it moves across the page. The feel of the graphite against paper is very satisfying. There is a reason modern pencils have been around for over 200 years.

I switched to mechanical pencils years ago (my current favorite is this one) and still write with one in a Moleskine notebook for taking notes in meetings, gathering my thoughts or making lists.

Until I read this great piece in the New York Times magazine, looking inside one of the last pencil factories in America, I had no idea how they were made. There is some gorgeous photography of the manufacturing process as well. Ultimately I am sure the end of the pencil will come, but not just yet it seems.