On Impatience

In Aikido, there is a technique called shinonage, which literally means “four direction throw.” I have heard it referred to over the years by another name, “the 20 year throw” because they say after about 20 years of practicing it, you are just starting to get the hang of it.

Aikido is like that — very meditative. Nothing comes easy or fast. That’s the whole point in fact. Ōsensei said “progress comes to those who train and train” yet most of us are impatient to a greater or lesser degree.

Impatience can be useful in start-ups which need a sense of urgency to make progress. Like anything, too much can be disastrous.

In his post “Impatience: The Pitfall Of Every Ambitious Person” Darius Foroux talks about the pitfalls of impatience:

And waiting is one of the hardest things in life. But if you take a close look around you, you see many examples of people who waited for the right opportunity.

Foroux talks about the importance of mentors but also highlights his belief in the value of maintaining a daily journal. I have never managed to regularly keep a journal over the years but this post has me seriously considering giving it another try. I just need to find the right app. And then of course, my impatience gets in the way and I find I have moved on to something else…