About Me

In two words, I am a technology entrepreneur. And consultant. (Damn, that’s four words.)

I love technology and start-ups and “translating” between the business side and the technology side. That is what I have spent the last 23 years doing, most recently having spent the last decade as CEO of Qstream.

My background is a mix of Computer Science and executive management.

I am fascinated by problems that live at the intersection of Computer Science (software engineering, machine learning and data science) and the human condition (psychology, neuroscience and behavior change.)

I gave a TED Talk on this subject at my alma mater if you are interested in knowing more, and also discussed it in this Forbes profile piece on me.

And of course I have a LinkedIn profile.

I am the Chairman at Qstream, a company I co-founded in 2008 and ran as CEO for its first decade, as well as an advisor and investor in technology start-ups, particularly in the enterprise SaaS space.

Qstream is a mobile sales enablement and analytics company spun off from Harvard University to bring a unique and scientifically-proven behavior change, knowledge retention and analytics methodology to a wider audience.

Prior to Qstream, in 2006 I founded a consulting company, blurgl, focused on delivering “CTO for hire” services to public, SMB and start-up clients, as well as venture capital and private equity firms.

Before blurgl, I spent over a decade as a board member and Chief Technology Officer of WBT Systems, an enterprise e-Learning software company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, and Dublin, Ireland that I co-founded in 1995 when I created one of the world’s first Learning Management Systems. We sold the company to Avnet (NYSE:AVT) in 2006.

When asked (yes, it does happen, don’t be smart) I have described myself as an information junkie, an unabashed Apple fan, an on-and-off practitioner of aikido (“origami with people instead of paper”), a private pilot, and a big fan of parentheses.

Yes, I am a nerd. (This is my favorite xkcd.)

Yes, I love Star Trek. (Really enjoyed Discovery much more than expected.)

I was born and grew up in Dublin, Ireland, where I also went to school, getting a Computer Science degree from University College Dublin. I currently live outside Boston, Massachusetts