Making DNS More Secure And Private

The Domain Name System is something most people know little or nothing about, and frankly shouldn’t need to, but it is a critical backbone component of what makes the Internet work.
Like many other core aspects of the Internet, it was never designed to be secure or private, nor with the idea that one day billions of people would be using it.
A number of attempts have been made over the years to lock it down but aside from the politics of standards groups, it’s very complicated and any changes have profound implications because of the very scale of use of the Internet today.

But two new public DNS services that you can use instead of the one provided by your ISP could make a big difference, as long as you’re aware of the drawbacks in trusting them, too.

The good folks at TidBITS have a great write-up on all this, prompted by a new public DNS service from Cloudflare. I always enjoy articles like this and its a good primer on how DNS works for anyone who has ever wondered.

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