Blast From The Past: Apple ][+

I first learned to code when I was 9 on an Apple ][ Europlus that my father bought to do the accounting for his gas station, in 1980. The language was Applesoft BASIC which Microsoft provided to Apple. (Whatever happened to those guys?)

That machine blew my mind. I could make it do what I wanted. That was my first real introduction to what I learned later was software engineering and computer science.

So I was delighted when I saw this awesome nostalgia trip article by Jason Snell over on six colors.

I remember those 5.25″ inch floppy disks so well. The whirring and clanking of the disk drives as you issued the “PR#6” command to get it to boot something off the floppy.

Back then we liked whirring and clanking and computers were super easy to use with the command to “boot from the floppy” being something obvious like “PR#6”.

Like many command line instructions it actually makes a certain amount of sense in context. In this case the context was the floppy drive was connected to a disk controller which was in expansion slot number six, so the command means “prime slot number 6”. Good times. Good times.)

Reading his article also caused me to descend into some Googling that eventually lead me to this  Apple II emulator which is unbelievably cool.

Everything I need to know in life I learned from watching television.

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