Google Brain Year in Review

The Four Horsemen (Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook) are all making huge investments in AI and Machine Learning but it always feels like Google is at the forefront. They are also the most open and the Google Brain folks are doing amazing work, both research and applied, and in both software and hardware.

They just published a two part summary of their work in 2017 and its an impressive read.

Some of my favorites from Part 1 are AutoML (which you can now use yourself) and the TPU custom hardware they have built.

Part 2 covers application domains including healthcare, robotics, physical sciences and music.

Some impressive work is being done and it’s clear we are only scratching the surface. It feels like with custom hardware available as on-demand cloud resources and techniques like automated.machine learning ever closer to practical applications, we are going to see a wave of exciting applications and use cases in the next decade.

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