I For One Welcome Our Robotic Web Designer Overlords

There has been a lot of talk about robotics and AI eliminating more and more types of jobs over time. Initially these conversations tended to focus on manufacturing and other tasks that were highly repetitive and then evolved to include medical diagnosis and legal discovery (thanks to IBM’s Watson marketing efforts) among others.

An informative and entertaining short documentary on this is Humans Need Not Apply:

There is not much in this video that you probably don’t already know if you work in the technology industry. However in this same industry we tend to think of ourselves as highly skilled and not easily replaceable and the irony of that hubris is not lost on me.

Which leads us to Emil Wallner, who has a great post on a project to use deep learning to convert web page design mockups into code, automatically.

Its not going to actually replace anyone just yet (CNNs have been doing image analysis for a while now and the hierarchical and highly structured nature of HTML is well suited to the multiple layers approach of deep learning) but its a great tutorial introducing applying deep learning to the real-world (albeit a simplified version of it in this case.)

Everything I need to know in life I learned from watching television.

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